Etienne Alexandre PLAUCHÉ

Father - Père: Joseph Alexandre PLAUCHÉ
Mother - Mère: Eugénie BOURGEAT

Family - Famille1: Delphine GRÉMILLION
  1. +Alexandre L PLAUCHÉ
  2.  Eulalie PLAUCHÉ
  3. +Emelie PLAUCHÉ
  4. +Marguerite PLAUCHÉ
  5. +Adeline PLAUCHÉ
  6.  Eugénie PLAUCHÉ
  7.  Marie PLAUCHÉ
  8.  Zulisia PLAUCHÉ
  9. +Jean Villeneuve PLAUCHÉ
  10.  François PLAUCHÉ
  11.  Marie Louise Ophélie PLAUCHÉ
  12. +Louis Eugène PLAUCHÉ
  13.  Joseph Cyriaque PLAUCHÉ
Family - Famille2: Peronelle BRAZAT

                                                       _Estienne PLAUCHIER _______
                             _Etienne Henry PLAUCHÉ __|
                            |                         |_Magdeleine VARDALAY ______
 _Joseph Alexandre PLAUCHÉ _|
|                           |                          _Jacques SELAM ____________
|                           |_Marguerite SELAM _______|
|                                                     |_Marie Magdalene GOLEUR ___
|--Etienne Alexandre PLAUCHÉ 
|                                                      _Jean BOURGEAT ____________
|                            _Joseph BOURGEAT ________|
|                           |                         |_Toinette VEDEL ___________
|_Eugénie BOURGEAT _________|
                            |                          _Louis RICHÉ ______________
                            |_Marie Marguerite RICHÉ _|
                                                      |_Marie Catherine FRÉDÉRIC _



BIOGRAPHY: Terry Plauché has found a supposed "history" of Plauchéville in the Mobile (AL) Geneological Library (but doesn't know whether it is correct):

BIOGRAPHY: "Located at the junction of Bayou Jack and Bayou Choupique, Plauchéville was founded in the 1840s by three Plauché brothers, Etienne, François, and Visitant. Tradition says they were on a rowing expedition from Simmesport via Bayou des Glaises, Bayou Rouge, and Bayou Choupique. When they reached the junction of Bayou Jack and Bayou Choupique, they settled at that point. Living was easy because the land was so fertile and game and fish abounded. While long and tedious, transportation was no problem with streams all around. Soon a road was built along Bayou Choupique to Cottonport. Hauling was overland to Cottonport in wagons and ox carts. By the end of the century, a railroad went through Cottonport, which continued to be Plauchéville's distributing center."

BIOGRAPHY: Etienne est peut-être le Stephen Plauché de la page 215 du recensement (census) de 1830. (Référence incertaine) Il est peut-être aussi l'Etienne Plauché de la page 152 du recensement (census) de 1850. (Référence aussi incertaine)


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