Etienne Henrry Plauché & Margueritte Selam

Marriage certificate - New Orleans - 1765

In the year 1765, on the twelfth of February, after having published three wedding notices during our pariochal mass, the first on the 27th of January, third Sunday after Epiphany, the second on the third of February, Sunday of Septuagesim, the third on the tenth of said month, Sunday of Sexagesim, between Etienne Henry Plossée born in Senes, Bishopric of Toulon, son of Etienne Plossée and of Magdelaine Vaderache his father and mother on one side, and Margueritte Selamme born in this Parish, daughter of Jacques Selamme, deceased, and of Marie Madelaine Gollemme her father and mother on the other side, and having found neither religious nor civil objection to said marriage, I undersigned Capucine friar apostolic missionary in New Orleans, province of Louisiana, have received their mutual consent and have given them the marriage blessing in the presence of their parents and witnesses undersigned in testimony of which I have signed with the contracting parties on the day mentioned above.


f Eustache pretre capucin X Marguerite Selam la Selam Foucher Dejan [others illegible]

See the original document! Ref: Saint Louis Cathedral, Marriages, SLC M2, 15 (act #41)

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