[S1] Archdiocese of New Orleans abstracts

[S2] Some early families of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

[S3] Early Baptism Records 1796-1824

[S4] Early Baptism Records 1824-1831

[S5] Early Baptism Records - 1845-1850

[S6] Early Baptism Records - 1832-1844

[S7] Early Baptism Records - 1850-1872

[S8] Lake Charles American Press, 1899

[S9] Some early families of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, Volume II

[S10] Avoyelles Parish Court, Marksville, LA

[S11] Mariage Plauché-Vascocu, Eglise Saint Louis de la Nouvelle Orléans
En espagnol.

[S12] Registre des Baptêmes

[S13] Social Security Death Index

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[S17] Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records, St. Louis Cathedral

[S18] Daily Picayune

[S19] LA Vital Records, Orleans Parish death records.

[S20] LA Vital Records, Orleans Parish Births

[S21] Times Picayune

[S22] New Orleans Archdiocesan Cemeteries

[S23] Le Courier de la Louisiane

[S24] Flower Family Bible

[S25] The Natchitoches Cemeteries, Lucile Keator Prudhomme, 1977, p 74.

[S26] New Orleans Bee

[S27] Gayden, Baker, Perkins of LA, MS 1599-1991, from World Family Tree CD vol 3.

[S28] Forstall Tree of William P. Farrington.

[S29] Thierry Bingen gedcom

[S30] The Natchitoches Genealogist

[S31] Succession of Jean Joseph Alexandre w/Ophelia Prudhomme, 610, S1.24

[S32] Natchitoches Church Marriages 1818-1850, St. François des Natchitoches Church.

[S33] Application for marriage license from Justice of the peace.

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[S36] Eugene Cox, E-mail

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[S39] Margaret Kincannon, E-mail, 16 Jul 2001

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[S42] E-mail from Patsy Kelly


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